I currently live between Potsdam/Berlin/Lisbon.

growing up as a son of industry designers and engineers, i has always been involved into art and technique.

over the past 10 years i shot a ton of promos & commercials.

mostly get inspired by music & nature but need the urban chaos from time to time as well.

my heart beats for art & film projects.

Andrew Becker, Andy Blackburn, Angnew Summer, Anne Weigel, Annie Gunn (Peter & Annie), Astrid Salomon, Benjamin Brettschneider, Bernard Wedig, Bernie Roux, Don Broida, Frank Brendel, Gabriel Bihina,
Jeremie Saindon, Manuel Werner, Marcus Lundin, Marie Schuller, Markus Bader, Markus Sternberg,
Mate Steinforth, Pet&Flo, Sam Holst, Thomas Krygier, Vivane Blumenschein +

ActionFilm Russia, AnimalfactoryFilms China, Blm Film, CityFilms, Clandestino, GreatGuns, MARKENFILM Wedel/Schweiz & Crossing, Onirim Paris, ParasolIsland, Partizan, Satelitte my Love, Stillking, Stink, TwinFilm +

CLIENTS (partial):
Beiersdorf, BMW, CocaCola, DeutscheBahn, Dove, Garnier, ING Bank, Kelloggs, Kraft, L´Orèal Group, Nivea, P&G,
QNB Bank, Samsung, Unilever, Vodafone +